Alecia Tramel

Miami, Florida

Alecia M. Tramel was diagnosed in 2000 in Miami, Fl. A proud mother of 3 wonderful children. Her last child was born after diagnosis in 2002 and is not positive. Pozitively Alecia Miami has social media presence where she posts helpful updated information about HIV/AIDS. Alecia is the founder of Positive People Network Inc, the Florida State Lead for Positive Women’s Network, a member of BTAN, the Southern AIDS Coalition, Florida Community Health Worker Coalition, Florida HIV Justice Coalition, previous member of Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership, Community Coalition of The Partnership, blogger for A Girl Like Me: The Well Project, member of The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Florida HIV/AIDS Advocacy Network, inductee in Leading Women’s Society, a member Millionheiress Club LLC , the Ambassador of Health for Catalyst Miami, and a board member of Women’s March Miami and ICW-North America. Alecia is motivated to do all that she can to help eradicate stigma and she has helped on the ground floor to help re-citizens receive their voting rights restored through Amendment 4. Being the Field Organizer for Color of Change during the 2018 elections in Florida. Presently a member of the Florida Organizing for Power team to get the Positive Vote also.

I am passionate and committed to doing advocacy and helping to advocate, promote awareness, prevention and a better quality of life for PLWHAs”