ICW, GNP+ and PWN-USA Mourn the Loss of Deloris Dockrey

Our Community Champion, Deloris Dockrey

ICW, GNP+ and PWN-USA mourn the loss of all of our former Board member and community champion Deloris Dockrey, who passed due to complications with COVID-19. For anyone that knew Deloris she was a ray of light and positivity as well as a fierce advocate for the rights of people living with HIV, in particular women. She was a mentor to many, who shared her knowledge and inspired numerous others. From 2012 – 2016, she was critical in the re-establishing of the ICW global secretariat as a member of the International Steering Committee as well as supporting ICW-North America to establish itself with its first paid staff position. As GNP+ Board Member, Deloris passionately advocated for the involvement of people living with HIV in the development, execution and evaluation of policy and programmes. As a leader within Positive Women’s Network-USA, Deloris helped shape thinking around sexual and reproductive rights as well as quality of care for women with HIV, mentored many emerging leaders, and connected us to a global community of women with HIV.

In addition to being a sister in the HIV movement, she was also a poet. We share one of her poems that so captures the person she was. To those left behind and mourning, our condolences. Deloris will be missed dearly.

How do you love yourself!
Deloris Dockrey

How do you love yourself!
When you are told that you are worthless, no good and lazy.
When you are told that you are fat and useless.
When you begin to internalize people’s opinion of you. 

You rise above people’s opinions and you rely on you.
You see the beauty in your life.
You see the joy of your family.
You experience the love of family and you revel in their warmth. 

You reaffirm that you are kind and caring and that you support your family.
You know you are always willing to help others.
You know you share your gifts and talents.
You see the beauty in your life.
You experience the love of your son.
You see his love for you and
You know love! 

You begin to reflect the love you see, and
You begin to experience that love for yourself.
You begin to see the joy, the courage, the heart that is you.
You begin to love you! You are love!