Melanie A. Reese

Baltimore, Maryland

Melanie A. Reese is the current Executive Director, Older Women Embracing Life (OWEL) an organized network of senior women that provides support for women—many living with and all impacted by HIV/AIDS—as well as their families and care providers.

The vision of OWEL is to create a community of women who are living full, productive and happy lives, despite the challenge of HIV/AIDS. Melanie is an older African American woman thriving with HIV for 21 years. She has 17 years of planning experience serving the on Ryan White Planning Council, HIV Prevention Groups, The Baltimore Student Harm Reduction Coalition. She is an advocate for Social Justice, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in all of Society and it’s structural and institutional entities. Committed to planning the Ending the HIV Epidemic in Baltimore City.

“I am committed to ensure that all who are living with HIV have access to age appropriate treatment, care, all wrap around services needed along with robust resources are in place that will ensure a high quality of life and health outcomes along the life span.”