Where do you fit in?

ICW-NA is a newly developing region within the broader International Community of Women Living with HIV. The communities of self-identified women living with HIV in North America are diverse and have different back stories, needs and experiences. This campaign is a celebration of our diversity and our sameness. Using feminist principles, Where Do You Fit In? will give ICW-NA members the ability to define the space that they would like to “fit in” in ICW-NA. Everyone is welcome, because all women living with HIV have a home within ICW. ICW-NA will be collaborating with other networks to work in synergy and fill in gaps. Being a member of another network does not stop you from being a part of ICW – it broadens your family, connections and reach. It removes silos and helps us meet all the needs of the women that we serve. It creates opportunities for collaboration and celebration.

The activities involved in this campaign will build on and be in conjunction with the I AM ICW campaign activities through 2020 and 2021.


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