ICW-NA supports advocacy efforts in both Canada and the US through drafting position statements, policy documents, developing campaigns, participating in high level meetings and community consultations and in some situations direct action. We believe firmly in partnerships and that none of this work is done alone so when we cannot lead we support our partners and sister’s on issues that impact our members.

ICW has representation on various working groups and committees and ICW-NA Institutional Seat representation:

US PLHIV Caucus – Representative – Martha Cameron

Positive Women’s Network Board of Directors – Vacant

ICW International Steering Committee – Vacant

Community Training on HIV Criminalization Law Literacy

The unjust prosecution of people living with HIV in Canada and the United States are some of the highest in the world. This workshop supports women living with HIV to better understand the impacts of HIV criminalization on women living with HIV.

Feminist Movement Building Workshop I: Leadership, Advocacy and Movement Building

The ICW Feminist Movement Building (FMB) Workshop is a two–day interactive learning and consciousness raising experience for women living with HIV. It has been developed to support local and regional networks of women living with HIV to strengthen their internal cohesion as well as to collectively adopt ways to push back against internal factors that may threaten or weaken the movement. Using feminist practices, this workshop has been designed to ensure that women see themselves as a community and know that them, working together as a united conscious community is the secret to their success in their advocacy. The FMB Workshop asks participants to think critically about their own role within their local movement and to join it to the larger global women’s movement.

Feminist Movement Building II: Mini Advocacy Campaign

The Mini Advocacy Campaign is a four-part virtual series to develop and implement an advocacy campaign with the women living with HIV from across the region. Over the course of 8 weeks, participants will collaborate not only with their local network members but also women living with HIV from other cities in the region. This collaboration strengthens participant’s learning further raising consciousness and linking women to diverse advocacy efforts in their region.

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Love Positive Women

Every February 1-14th since 2013, ICW-NA has been participating in the global Love Positive Women holiday with artists, activists, organizations, institutions and people living with HIV from all around the world. Our members have engaged from hosting tea parties to card making sessions to beauty makeovers. To find out more about click here and follow #lovepositivewomen to celebrate with us!

Priority Groups

ICW-NA understands the disproportionate impacts that HIV has on different women in North America. For this reason we have special working groups to prioritize, women living with HIV from the African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) diaspora specifically newcomers and refugees; as well as Indigenous, transgender and young women at risk for and living with HIV.


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