What is Healing Together?

Healing together, an authorized adaptation of Common Threads ©

Healing Together is an Integrated Trauma-Informed, Stigma Reduction Intervention for Black Women Living with HIV

Mission: Weaving the shared experiences of our lives together to create a community of storytellers and celebrate who we are as women.

Purpose: Building a stronger and more engaged community of women living with HIV.

An Overview of Healing Together

  • A discussion about acceptance rather than disclosure.
  • An exploration of our susceptibility to HIV by looking at vulnerability, risk, trauma, stigma, healing, and engagement.
  • An exploration of trauma and the impact of trauma using six (6) trauma-informed storytelling techniques
  • Access to coaching, supportive counseling, and community
  • Creating our stories or personal narratives.

Intervention Goals: HT is particularly adept at supporting women in understanding and moving through traumatic lived experiences and challenges in a safe, nurturing environment. HT intervention goals are to:

  • Decrease the impact of internalized stigma and trauma experienced by WLWH.
  • Increase opportunities for community engagement for WLWH to counter HIV-related stigma.
  • Increase conversations about quality health care amongst WLWH to improve engagement and retention in HIV services.


The  Healing Together (Common Threads) program was an incredible opportunity.  I have heard of trauma informed care for years but did not understand or participate in a training or educational opportunity.  The module focused on family tree and historical family trauma was the most impactful understanding and reflecting on how that family history and trauma impacted or led to some of my life choices that increased my risk of contracting HIV.  Being with other women, living with HIV, and sharing our common experiences was life changing.  There is something special that happens when women living with HIV get together to inspire and heal with each other.

Tami Haught (USA), Managing Director, SERO Project (Milford, PA

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