ICW North America has proven that a relatively small investment a network of women living with HIV pays double dividends in achieving an effective racial justice and rights-based HIV response.

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As ICW North America, we continue to build on the ICW Global network’s legacy of powerful advocacy for and by women living with HIV. As ICW North America expands its strategic direction and geographical reach, we seek your help to meet critical funding needs that have been amplified due to the COVID19 Pandemic.

Your help can make all the difference. Your investment in the success of the network at this crucial time will amplify our impact and improve the lives of women and girls living with HIV.



Together we make all the difference

Open Story

Being linked to ICW was life-changing for me. I have met thousands of women who are also living with HIV from so many different places and cultures and backgrounds...

Global Network of People Living with HIV

GNP+ is the global network for and by people living with HIV. We work to improve the quality of life of all people living with HIV. This means we advocate for, and support fair and equal access to treatment, care and support services for people living with HIV around the world.

ICW Latina

ICW Latina is a network of women leaders who actively participate to harmonize regional efforts, favor the exchange of information and experience, promote the formulation of public policies that stimulate the mobilization of resources, influencing decision-makers to guarantee respect for our rights human rights and access to health, education, job opportunities, mainly in girls and adolescents, with gender equality, in situations that affect our lives.

ICW East Africa

The International Community of Women living with HIV Eastern Africa is a regional advocacy network and membership-based organisation.

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