The Milky Moovement+ Details

Modeled behind the excellent work of the 4M Network, The Milky Moovement+ currently exists as a “grass roots” effort with multiple components all working cohesively to best support mothers and birthing parents living with HIV.

Today, we utilize mentor mothers who have navigated these waters through the course of their pregnancies, as it made evident across the board that representation matters, and people who are peer-supported by members of their community who have shared lived experiences enjoy much brighter and more positive outcomes when combatting all forms of marginalization including health disparities and medical inequities.

In addition to providing a safe space and advocacy, we are equally focused on building community with medical practitioners, like-minded agencies, and policymakers alike. We are relying heavily on staff and board efforts but envision a future with a broad volunteer-based advocacy and policy presence. To this end, we continue to create and promote informational and educational events and spaces where all stakeholders can convene to participate in robust and environment-altering discussions.