Helen Zimba

Dallas, Texas

Helen Zimba’s professional background encompasses both business management and communications, as well as extensive experience in the field of health, specifically HIV. Helen worked in the airline industry for years prior to shifting her professional and volunteer focus to HIV. She has served as a grant reviewer for HRSA, SAMSHA and the NIH over the past twenty years and was a Board member and trainer for AIDS Alliance. Helen earned a certificate in nonprofit leadership from Southern Methodist University in 2010. She has worked in Dallas as a Case Manager for people living with HIV, was the Chair of the HIV Planning Council for four years and is a member of the Positive Women’s Network USA. Helen is a dedicated volunteer for a number of causes, including participating on missions to Malawi with her church, assisting with the South Dallas AIDS Walk and currently Directs HIV services with The AFIYA Center. Helen is a dedicated leader and mentor to many women in her community and an experienced professional with a unique blend of both business and nonprofit skills.

“Ending HIV is one of my goals and it is important that the right information is given to people. After many years people living with HIV are still isolated due to stigma which make it hard for folk to access services that they need. That is why, as a reproductive Justice Leader I am dedicated to Advocating to end Stigma and Isolation by Living Out Loud!  I choose not let Race, Gender, Age, Sexual Orientation, Economic Status and Immigration Status be barrier to how I bring HIV awareness information and education. I believe in meeting people where they are at!”